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I am pretty freaking psyched!

2010-08-20 22:22:51 by HinumaruSu

MY AUDIO HAS BEEN APPROVED! Go listen to it now, sucka!


Special thanks to: Envy, for approving my submission.

My first submission.

2010-08-18 14:08:31 by HinumaruSu

Hey everyone! Well, I just finished my first song and it turned out very well. I submitted it to The NG Audio Portal, hopefully, they will approve it. If you wanna hear it, you can always listen to the song I make on my MySpace Account. OR you can listen to it on my Youtube Account.

Oh, and I am in the process of animating my stickman flash movie to submit.


I'm pretty happy

2010-08-12 21:17:42 by HinumaruSu

So, I stated in my post before that I was looking for a legit, FREE music program, and after tedious hours looking through websites, I finally found just that. It's called LMMS (Linux Multi-Media Studio). It is completely free, and much like FL Studio would be like, with of course some minor and major differences. You can download it HERE! So, I'm familiarizing myself with this software, so, just expect some tests and experimental songs.

As I said before, I'm working on a flash animation, starring stickman. The script is sort of developing but still needs A LOT of work. Wish me luck!


So, help?

2010-08-12 13:06:26 by HinumaruSu

I'm looking for a legit and FREE music software to make music and post it in the Audio Portal. What do you suggest?

And I'm working on an awesome stickman flash project, that will probably suck. :D